Best Access to the California Delta from the East Bay!

Rivers End Marina provides the closest and best access to the California Delta from the East Bay. Located in Byron - only 10 minutes off the 580 near Mountain House -- our facility is the perfect gateway with 3 boat ramps, a convenience store, clean bathrooms and plenty of parking. We also provide secure RV storage and boat storage to make your Delta adventures even easier!
Rivers End Marina has triple boat ramp access to the Delta.
Your Delta adventure begins here.

The California Delta boast 1100 miles of navigable waterways with tons to do, including:

  • Jetski / Waterski / Wakeboard - we are very close to long, straight stretches of water that are perfect for your favorite water sports.
  • Great Delta Fishing - Black bass, stripers, catfish, bluegill and more!
  • Cruising - Enjoy literally thousands of miles of navigable waterways. Tie up next to historic towns and restaurants.

Triple Boat Launch into the Delta

Rivers End Marina hosts 3 boat ramps and lots of dock space for an easy / quick boat launch into the Delta. There is plenty of parking and a convenient, air-conditioned shop full of ice, drinks, snacks, fishing supplies, fun supplies, maps, clean bathrooms, and everything else you need for fun on the California Delta.

ready to go
3 boat ramps make launching your boat quick and easy.

The Closest Access to the California Delta from the San Francisco Bay Area

Rivers End Marina is located in Byron, California, which is just over the Altamont Pass from the East Bay. We are only 10 minutes from the 580!

San Francisco East Bay

  • Fremont - 40 miles
  • Livermore - 20 miles
  • Oakland - 50 miles
  • Pleasanton - 27 miles
  • San Ramon - 34 miles

San Francisco South Bay

  • San Jose - 58 miles

Tri-Valley / Central Valley

  • Modesto - 38 miles
  • Sacramento - 76 miles
  • Stockton - 28 miles
  • Tracy - 11 miles

Provisions: Drinks, snacks, grilling, fishing bait + tackle, ice, and more!

Rivers End Marina has everything you need for your epic day in the delta. We are open all year round and well stocked with beverages, snacks, food, fishing tackle and bait, bags of ice maps, t-shirts, sunscreen... you need it, and we probably have it. Including clean bathrooms.

food provisions


  • Soda
  • Beer
  • Water
  • Bags of ice!


  • Snacks (dry)
  • Snacks (frozen)
  • Grilling needs
  • Ice cream!


  • Live bait
  • Worms
  • everything you need for a day of fishing, including: hooks, floats, sinkers, stringers, swivels, bait knives + holders, etc.
Delta fishing provisions

There are so many great places to fish nearby and further up in the delta, we couldn't possible list them all. But we are near....

Day Use Fees

Launch Fee $15
Guest Car Parking $3
Overnight Parking $4

More about the California Delta

Visit the California Delta | The HEART of California
Wikipedia's entry for Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta

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Is the California Delta man-made?

The Delta is formed by the confluence of the Sacramento River and San Joaquin River and flows into Suisan Bay (and eventually into San Francisco Bay) but is modified by 1100 miles of levees! It's like a giant maze of waterways, leveed islands, and tracks.

Learn more at Wikipedia's entry for Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta.

What fish do people catch in the Delta?

Most of our customers say they are fishing for Black Bass, Stripers, Catfish, and Bluegill.

What is the best boat for the California Delta?

On our end of the Delta, you won't see any keel boats. Most people launch flat bottomed speed boats that are designed for fishing or water skiing / wake boarding. We also see a lot of jet ski's. There are many long straight stretches of river that are perfect for skiing and wake boarding, and even more inlets and detours for fishing in solitude.

What are the launching hours?

Our boat launch ramps are available 24 hours... so launch your boat whenever you want!

Can I launch big vessels such as a 32 foot boat?


Do you check water crafts for mussels?

No. That is not required in the California Delta.

Do you sell live bait?

Yes! We have minnows available inside our air conditioned convenience store. We have everything you need for fishing in the Delta.

Do you sell gas?


Do you provide valet launches?

Yes but you must call ahead. The valet launch fee is $30.